Bahamas Hurricane Relief Mission Trip 2020

Bahama flag with two hands grasping each other. Text reads hurrican dorian relief efforts.An Informational Meeting about this trip will be held on Sunday, February 9 at 11:30 a.m. in Pastor Matthew McNutt’s office.

Dates: 6-12 June 2020

Partner Organiztion: Praying Pelican Missions

Who can go on this trip? This trip is hosted by the Bridge small group and is designed for college-age or twenty-something adults.

How will we serve?
On our mission trip to the Bahamas, you will discover that there is so much more than exquisite beaches and breathtaking scenery in this tropical country. While there is so much beauty here, a Bahamas mission trip will draw you into a community with real needs that you can help meet. Praying Pelican Missions partners not only with native Bahamian pastors, but also with relocated Haitian pastors and communities as well so you can interact with two hospitable cultures without having to go to two countries.

Our mission team will be able to use its unique skills, talents, and abilities on our trip to the Bahamas. Praying Pelican Missions has developed relationships with pastors who desire a genuine partnership and have unique needs. Whether our group is made up of construction workers, nurses, or teachers, our mission trip will make a difference in many lives. Local partners have shared their vision for their communities and our team will play a significant role in helping them to accomplish their goals.

Cost: $1295 per person

Registration Deadline:
Sign up by February 23. All that is needed to commit to the trip is a $50 deposit (give to Gabe Forest or Pastor Matthew McNutt). We will be creating online giving links for you to use on social media to raise your funds like last year. We’re planning this trip with Praying Pelican Missions, the same organization we went to Belize with last year. We’ll be doing a variety of ministry activities, with emphasis on hurricane relief efforts. Contact Matthew McNutt if you have any questions.