The pastors at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church have created a list of recommended books. You can purchase them at your local book store or order them online through To see all of the books, use the “Filter & Sort” function and select “Purchased and Unpurchased.” You can also view the books from previous lists on Amazon. Here are the recommended books for May – June 2021.

image of the cover of anxious for nothing by max lucado.

Anxious for Nothing 
By: Max Lucado
Finding calm in a chaotic world.

Image of the cover of emotionally healthy spirituality by peter scaaero.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
By: Peter Scazzero
It’s impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature.

Addictions, A Banquet to the Grave By: Edward T. Welch

Addictions, A Banquet in the Grave
By: Edward T. Welch
Finding hope in the power of the Gospel. Resources for changing lives.

Walking with God by Timothy Keller.

Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering
By: Timothy Keller
Why would God allow pain and suffering.

when people are too big and God is too small by Edward T. Welch

When People Are Big and God is Small
By: Edward T. Welch
Overcoming peer pressure, codependency, and the fear of man.

cover image of fear and faith book by trillia newbell.

Fear and Faith
By: Trillia J. Newbell
Finding the peace your heart craves.

Grace for the Afflicted by: Matthew Stanford

Grace for the Afflicted
By: Matthew S. Stanford
A clinical and Biblical perspective on mental illness.