Breakout session topics at the Renew Student Conference 2020 cover a wide range of issues. See below for the list of sessions. Breakout sessions will be on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Attendees will select one of these sessions to attend.

Session #1 – Anxiety: The Struggle is Real
Presented by Katy Hayes of Brandywine Valley Baptist Church
Can I be a Christian and still struggle with anxiety? It’s time to start talking about it! This breakout will be an interactive session that discusses anxiety and faith. It will provide personal stories, data based off of studies, as well as Biblical perspective and examples from God’s Word.
Katy Hayes, RN, BSN, is a volunteer youth leader at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church and a Pediatric Telephone Triage Nurse.

Session #2 – Worship Leading
Presented by Chris Morris of Ogletown Baptist Church
Worship Leading: Where do I want them to go and how do I get them there? We were created to worship and our churches put a high priority on doing it well! So, how do we use the gifts God gave us to lead others? This breakout is designed to help you think through planning a gospel centered worship experience!
Chris Morris is the Youth and Worship Pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church.

Session #3 – The Power of Small Groups
Presented by Todd Johnson of Brandywine Valley Baptist Church
We were designed by God to live in community. But often we isolate ourselves and miss out on the blessings of biblical fellowship. This breakout session will explore the amazing power that lies within community small groups. We will also delve into the DNA of groups … identifying how they help us to Discover, Nurture and Act.
Todd Johnson is the Discipleship Pastor at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church.

Session #4 – When in Doubt
Presented by Kim Biasotto of Brandywine Valley Baptist Church
Is God real? Is He good? Does He love me even when terrible things happen? Join in the discussion as we look at what causes us to doubt our faith and what we can do about it.
Kim Biasotto is an author and speaker, as well as a volunteer youth leader at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church.

Session #5 – Engaging Your Story
Presented by Adler Roberts of Calvary Chapel of Delaware County
If you love theatre, movies, or any good story, this might be the breakout for you! Also…did we mention maybe the chance to hit someone? Adler will be getting you on your feet to do a variety of theatre games and exercises that will combine with a discussion about how we can think critically about the stories being told around us, and God’s ultimate story.
Adler has worked professionally in both the theatre and TV entertainment industries. He now works as the Assistant Youth Director at Calvary Chapel of Delaware County. His passion is to help students find their gifts and use them for God’s glory.

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