The 2020 Children’s Christmas Choir performance has gone virtual! Watch as the children perform “Angels Say What?!”

The Christmas story has been told and retold in many ways, but we rarely hear it from the angels’ perspective. As all of the angels gather in Heaven, they discuss all of the good news that they’ve just told Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and wise men. Not only do they experience sharing the news of Jesus, but they learn what it means to truly have a part in the greatest story ever told!

Lillenas musicians appears courtesy of Lillenas from the album “‘Angels Say What!'” (P) Lillenas. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. “Angels Say What?!” Arr. Nick Robertson.

Singing Angels: Jacob Anderson, Danny Bosma, Aria Forest, Rylan Forest, Alexandra Guarente, William Hayflinger, Stephanie Leach, Charlotte Miller, Juliette Miller, Collins Ontjes, Danielle Ruoff, Keri Ruoff, Caiden Shannon, Keila Subbiah, Amaya Thomas, Desmond Thomas, Daniel Van, Samuel Van, Nia Voznak, Addy Westmoreland, and Brynne Westmoreland.

Announcing Angels (speaking parts): Carol- Nia Voznak; Gabriel- Jacob Anderson; Joy- Amaya Thomas; Hallie- Stephanie Leach; Lou- Keri Ruoff; and Big Star- Samuel Van

Crew: Technical Assistant- Bob Watson; Assistant Director- Ruth Ann Stovicek; Director- Regina Ontjes; Visual Editor- Emma Stovicek; and Video Director- John Stovicek

We would like to thank all of our parents for their encouragement and support of the Brandywine Valley Baptist Church Children’s Choir.