Come Along Side is a ministry to those who are hurting and need comfort or compassion. The Come Along Side Ministry connects individuals who are going through a significant season of stress with spiritually mature Christians who can provide love, comfort, fellowship, and prayer support, based on scriptural principles of non-judgmental care.

The primary role of a Come Along Side member is to provide emotional and spiritual support. They offer a listening ear; they do NOT fix the problem, give advice or provide counseling. Areas of support may include: fractured families; divorce or separation; loss of a spouse or family member; recovery from spiritual abuse or loss of faith; loneliness or feeling disconnected; care-givers under stress; illness; high-risk pregnancy, infertility, or the birth of a child; or transitions to a new stage of life.

Support is conducted on a one-on-one basis and confidentiality is maintained. Care may consist of weekly meetings, occasional phone calls or text messages for a few weeks, months or an extended period of time, depending upon the situation.

If you would benefit from the support of the Come Along Side ministry please complete this form. A member of Come Along Side ministry will contact you shortly. Please provide as much detail as possible in order to have the right person contact you.

You will be taken to a third party website ( that we use for registration and is part of our online community. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone except the Come Along Side team.

Come Along Side Team Volunteers: The Come Along Side Team needs more volunteers to provide emotional and spiritual support to members of our congregation. Team members must complete extensive training before they are connected with a person to support. They also participate in monthly continuing education and peer supervision sessions. If you want to learn more about volunteering with the Come Along Side team please contact Jane Eareckson-Helm via email or the church office.