Spiritual and overall administrative leadership at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church is provided by the Ministry Leadership Team, currently consisting of pastors and directors, in conjunction with a 12-man Board of Deacons. The Board of Deacons serve a three-year term. The current board of deacons are:

Bradley Aulick, Chairman
Christopher Miller, Vice Chairman
Creighton Anderson
Roger Davis
Ryan Hayes
Tim Houseal
Mark Horne
Willie Mah
Craig Montgomery
Brandon Ontjes
Phil Woodworth
Ralph Zwakenberg

Supporting the church leadership are four permanent committees. Members serve a two-year term which begins in January. The committees are: Nominating, Personnel, Finance and Property. Some of the responsibilities of each Committee is listed below.

The Nominating Committee presents candidates for consideration for a Committee or the Board of Deacons.

The Personnel Committee develops personnel policies and procedures; reviews personnel policies and procedures; work with the Administrator to maintain a competitive compensation structure for all Church Staff; and oversee the annual staff performance review process.

The Finance Committee develops financial policies and procedures; reviews the financial management and risk management policies; monitors cash flow; works with the Administrator to prepare the annual budget, recommend unbudgeted expenditures, or transfer of funds above specified authorization limits; oversee the team of volunteers who assist with the weekly counting and depositing of receipts; and ensures an independent audit or accounting review is performed annually.

The Property Committee develops and presents property policies and procedures; reviews property management policies annually; manage all real property and tangible assets of the Church; provide for the regular maintenance and upkeep of the properties and facilities of the Church; and develop long-term plans for facilities needs and make recommendations.

To learn more about these committees or to express interest in serving on one of these committees, please contact Karen Douglas.