Double your donations. Image includes two presents with an addition symbol between them.

When we completed our last building addition almost 10 years ago we incurred debt to expand our facility. Since then we have been working to pay off the debt.

November 2019 is the first time we will be able to apply additional money toward our sanctuary debt without incurring large fees associated with our loan. The more debt we pay in November, the less interest we will pay in the future freeing up money for our annual budget.

A handful of generous and motivated members of Brandywine have agreed to match $355,000 of debt reduction giving between now and October 31, 2019! This is a unique opportunity to double your donation. $100 turns into $200. $1,000 turns into $2,000.

These givers are challenging each of us to sacrificial giving. We want to ask you to pray earnestly and ask God, “How much do you want me to give toward our financial freedom?” Please note, we are NOT asking for replacement giving. Don’t take what you normally give in tithes and offerings and now give it to this debt reduction matching opportunity. For gifts over and above your typical giving, please mark your gift for “Debt Reduction” using a giving envelope or by giving online to “Building Fund- Debt Reduction.”

Watch Pastor Nate introduce the gift matching opportunity to double your donation.