Acts of Random Kindness

In response to the Commissioning for a Season of Service, we invited the church to do a random act of kindness. We challenged you to reach out to your community in a simple, heartfelt way to show the love of God. Share with us in the comments below how God used you this week.

For more information about the rest of the Season of Service, view our Season of Service page.


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    Anonymous says:

    I raked up my neighbors and my Mother-in-law’s neighbors leaves.

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    Anonymous says:

    I vacuumed the sound booth and put the bells away for Pastor Sam.

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    Anonymous says:

    Paid Delmarva bill for a friend’s sister whose power had been turned off for the past few weeks – told my friend to tell her friend a “Good Samaritan” did it.

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    Anonymous says:

    Made dinner for a young family with a LOT going on in their lives… and delivered it.

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    Anonymous says:

    Delivered 158 handmade fleece blankets to foster children’s Christmas party in Cecil County. A continuing project of Fleece for Keeps, who provides these blankets to foster children in Delaware, to find out how to be involved go to fleeceforkeeps.org or email us at [email protected]

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    Anonymous says:

    While shopping at the local $ store, the mom in front of me in the checkout line realized that she forgot her wallet. The cashier was none too happy and the mom was really frazzled, I told the cashier to add my items to the purchase and I would pay for both. Mom was relieved and so was the cashier.

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    Anonymous says:

    accepted invite to baby sit for MOPS. Paid small grocery bill for elderly lady in front of me at grocery store and baked cookies and shared with lady no longer able to bake.

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    Anonymous says:

    I listened… I listen to my friends and family; but I listened to a stranger. She said at the end that she lives alone since her husband passed and they had no children. She said (and I agreed) that sometime you just need to talk. We actually exchanged numbers and we are going to lunch!

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    Anonymous says:

    Delivered donuts to: Cape Fear Hospital ER, Seagate Fire Department, Landfall Fire Department

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    Anonymous says:

    A completely new/untried experience! I had a total of $20.00 cash with me. while I was in a restaurant, I noticed a woman with a teenage boy and a toddler who had just ordered dinner. When I paid my $5.00 dinner tab, I asked if I could put $10.00 toward the family’s’ dinner. I explained to the waitress about our church’s “project” of doing unexpected kindnesses for people. The wait staff could not do it unless they spoke to the woman (guess they were afraid i’d turn out to be a stalker?) and the woman came to my table and was very grateful. Also, when I paid my check (literally for $5.02), I gave the waitress the remaining $5.00 as a tip. it was fun just to see the looks on their faces.

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    Anonymous says:

    Volunteered at a 5 K to benefit orphans.

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      Anonymous says:

      Picked up trash during my walks around our community park.

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    Anonymous says:

    Trimmed trees and shrubs, then hauled away the debris for a widow in my neighbourhood.

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    Anonymous says:

    We gave friends a ride to awana and student small groups.

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    Anonymous says:

    When we were in the supermarket we saw a mom with two teenager children. The daughter was getting sick and I felt really bad for her. I told her I would get someone from customer service to help out. She was thankful. I know that if I was in the store and this was happening to my daughter I would be grateful that someone would find an employee to help out.

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    Anonymous says:

    Sent card to young couple who just had a new baby (did not really know them except by sight ).

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    Anonymous says:

    Sent cards to a woman who’s had some health issues recently, and loaned her book by b Moore on dealing with depression

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    Anonymous says:

    Sorted big boxes of food at Sunday Breakfast Mission with co-workers for 3 hours today in preparation for their massive TG Day feast and food give out.

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    Anonymous says:

    I mentor a young man via telephone who lives in another nearby town once or twice a week whose marriage is crumbling. We meet occasionally to play guitars and to sing old time Gospel songs together that lift our spirits. I am trying to be a loving friend who is there for him….I do not attempt to be a marriage counselor as that is not what I am called or trained to do….but I do share the Word I have in my heart with my friend. My buddy says the Lord uses the wisdom he’s given me as an older man to help him immensely, and he tells me he does not know what he would do without me being his friend right now.

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    Anonymous says:

    Today we noticed our civic association president cutting down a damaged tree in a common area and offered to haul the excess wood to the yard waste drop off site. Cutting down the tree is not his job but saves the community money when he does it. Another neighbor came out also to help load our trailer. It was nice to see the community working together.

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    Anonymous says:

    Made – cooked – breakfast for my husband on a Monday! (Last time I did that probably was over 40 years ago!

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    Anonymous says:

    its the little things–returned a wayward dog to his house, put an elderly woman’s shopping cart back. Maybe those types of things are something that we ordinarily do–but doing so through the eyes of Jesus gives it greater meaning.

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    Anonymous says:

    Left a gift for a person that I won’t see much more. He was a very nice and enthusiastic persin and I will really miss him.

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    Anonymous says:

    I have been serving at Sunday Breakfast Mission with friends for about 4 years leading worship music and occasionally bringing the Word to them. One night this year I talked of my mom’s passing fairly recently. There was a male heroin addict in the crowd who would spend the night at SBM for the first time that night. He has never returned to that killer drug since his first night at SBM….he was instantly delivered! The sermonette I ‘preached’ touched him deeply because he went to pieces when his mom (and dad) died and he related to my pain (yes, he has been a believer for a long time, but was just beaten down so much by the devil that he turned to drugs as an escape). God is preparing him to be a Gospel minister now, and he will go to seminary very soon and leave the mission one day. He has always loved the Bible, and he knows it through and through! My prejudices about the ‘homeless’ have completely been blown away by engaging in this work.

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    Anonymous says:

    I made muffins and cookies this AM for 1 of the local businesses and delivered it to them. Voluteered to bake goodies for the a Memorial service and sing with choir. Den Volunteered to setup and takedown before and after the service. Doing Habitat for Humanity November 16th.

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    Anonymous says:

    Was able to pay the bill for the person in kine behind me at wawa today. She didn’t know what to make of it, and neither did the cashier.

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    Anonymous says:

    Gave the day to the Lord- asking Him to help me to extend grace & mercy to someone who has hurt me

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    Cassie says:

    I bought my friend dinner because she had recently agreed to help me with a project, and I wanted to thank her for it. We both got to talking with the cashier, and when he rang up the bill, it seemed to not be enough, so I asked him if it was correct. He assured me that it was, so we went on to have our supper and then we went our separate ways. When I got home, I checked my receipt, and the guy had not charged me for the drinks. It was a blessing I didn’t expect, but one that I received because I knew I had done what God had placed on my heart to do for my friend.

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    Anonymous says:

    I went to visit Ms. Winnie Jones. She told me that one of her cats was sick when Ms. Winnie was recuperating from her surgery in the rehab place. The cat had to be euthanized. Ms. Winnie was sharing wonderful stories about her beloved cat, Missy. Our dog was euthanized about four months ago, and I am still grieving. It was a bitter sweet moment as Ms. Winnie and I got to talk about our much-loved and much-missed pets.

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    Anonymous says:

    My daughter surprised me with a card and my favorite piece of candy awaiting me as I jumped in my car to head to work. Kids can and do listen to God’s leading. Feeling loved!

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    Anonymous says:

    I sent an encouraging note to someone just because.

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    Anonymous says:

    I took a specific route on.my walk with my dogs. I asked the Lord to direct me to a man who often sits outside in good weather- he is a paraplegic & in a wheelchair. I also asked the Lord to guide.my conversation & we had a short talk about my dogs & a longer one about what he was reading. I walked away blessed & will return on another nice day.

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    Anonymous says:

    Bought clothes for a single mother about to have her second child.

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    Anonymous says:

    We started our season of service one day early. Ironically, in an attempt to correct our son’s behavior, we agreed he would weed the flower beds of a neighbor. We helped him as a family. When we later asked him what he thought of the experience, he said, “I knew it was my punishment, but it turned out to be fun.” The next day he actually wanted to pull more weeds!
    Our neighbor guessed it was us, and thanked us with happy hugs!

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    Anonymous says:

    At my promise keepers meeting this morning, Tom Layman from Sunday breakfast mission spoke. I had asked God to show me where he wanted me to serve and to make it clear. Tom said the mission needed people to come down and witness to the women and children at the mission. I was blown away that God would make it clear that quickly as where he wanted me to serve. But it was VERY clear to me that he wanted me to witness to the women and children at the mission. Tom stated that only 3 days of each month that churches were coming down to mission to give the word of God to these folks. The men’s groups are full but the women and children were not. It is obvious to me that this is a mission field that needs the word of God. I’m in and hope that others would do the same! To God be the glory!
    Brett Dorsch

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    Anonymous says:

    while at my sons elementary school, all young girl lost her sweater on the way to the car. I was able to chase the car down and get the sweater back to the family.

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    Anonymous says:

    Brought some homemade turkey chili to our neighbors.

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    Anonymous says:

    Was going into the grocery store – saw what looked like a very busy mom – offered to take her grocery cart back. She needed a minute, so I waited. She thanked me for freeing up a bit of time in her busy day.

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