IMG_0594In order to better serve our church community and keep families safe, BVBC utilizes an electronic check-in system for children.


Here is what you need to know:

Families check in their children at the Check-In Stations in the Lobby.  First Time Visitor?  Have questions?  Helpers are stationed nearby to answer questions and help visitors navigate our brandywineKIDS Sunday Morning Program!

Parents check in too!  Parents must check in for the event(s) they are planning to attend that morning.  In case of emergency, knowing a parent’s location in the building is very important.

Every child (up through 5th grade) is issued a name tag.  Each child must wear their name tag to class.  For safety reasons, they will not be allowed in their classroom without one!

Every family is issued a Security ID Tag.  Put it somewhere safe!  When it is time to pick up your child (Kindergarten or younger), you must show the Security ID Tag to your child’s teacher.  They will compare the code to your child’s name tag and verify that you are authorized to pick up that child.  Children will NOT be released to ANY parent or guardian who does not show the Security ID Tag!

QUESTIONS?  Call the Church Office at (302)478-4255 or click HERE to send an e-mail to Kristi Pullig, Director of Children’s Ministry at BVBC.