Know, Grow, Go is our vision for BVBC – KNOW Jesus Christ, Grow in Jesus Christ and Go into the world with Jesus Christ.

To better understand our vision we need to first understand what the purpose of the church.


Jesus’ Mission

Jesus gave his disciples their marching orders, aka their mission, for why they would exist. Subsequently, as His disciples today, we are under the same marching orders from our Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. These marching orders are widely known as the great commission- stated succinctly in Matthew 28:18-20.

Jesus had a two-fold mission: 1) To Clear the Way for Salvation Through Jesus Christ 2) To Establish His Church

The church is not a particular institution or building. The church (eklesia in the original Greek text) are “the called out ones,” or those “gathered together.” We have two primary uses of the term “church.” The first is the uppercase “C” Church: the universal church. The universal church is all the people throughout history who place their faith in Jesus Christ and follow Him.

The second is the lowercase “c” church: the local church. The local church is a group of Christians in a location organized under leadership who are committed to carrying out the mission.

Jesus spent three years preparing to accomplish his mission. After his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection three days later, Jesus spent 40 days on earth verifying his resurrection with many eye-witnesses and gave his marching orders to his followers, those who would establish the church.

With the authority, leadership, power and presence of Jesus, the Church is called to the mission of Evangelism (sharing the message of Jesus to people everywhere) and Discipleship (helping people learn how to follow Jesus).


Know Jesus Christ. Grow in Christ. Go share Christ.Our Mission at BVBC

In order to accomplish our mission at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church, we have a process for this: KNOW, GROW, GO. Each of these terms encapsulates an aspect of the church’s mission.

KNOW Him- Make Disciples, Baptizing. Our goal is that our church will be a lighthouse to the Brandywine Valley. People will encounter Jesus Christ and Know Him.

GROW in Him- Teach them to obey. Our goal is that our church will be a greenhouse, a nurturing and caring environment that helps grow one’s roots deeper in Christ to have an unshakeable faith.

GO with Him- While Going, make disciples of all nations. Our goal is that our church will be a powerhouse in the Brandywine Valley. The church should constantly have a powerful sending impulse rippling like sound waves into the community and the world. This involves equipping and training disciple-makers to GO in service of one another in the church, in the community and sharing the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Is this the kind of church you want to be a part of? If yes, come check us out. We’d love to have you join our family.