This year’s Missions Conference will focus on “Cross-Culture, Across Town.” The Missions Conference runs February 1-22, 2021. We have a great line-up of activities and speakers throughout the month. Don’t miss a single event.

  • February 7 – Pastor Nate kicks off Missions Month talking about “The Gospel for All Cultures.” The Great Commission sends every Christian on a cross-cultural mission to make disciples from every people group. Christians are called break down barriers to share the gospel across our street, across our neighborhood and across our town.
  • February 14 – This week John Whittemore, one of our missionaries serving with Christar, will speak about “The Gospel in Shame and Honor Cultures.” If we are going to be effective at sharing the gospel with non-western people groups, we need to better understand the shame/honor culture that is the dominant worldview among many immigrants from Asian and Middle East backgrounds. The gospel speaks powerfully to this worldview. 
  • February 21 – Pastor Nate will focus on “The Gospel in Fear and Power Cultures.” The dominant worldview among many African, South American and Pacific Island people groups is fear/power culture. We will learn how to better communicate the gospel so that those in our community from a fear/power culture can understand how the gospel meets their greatest needs. 

The Adult Sunday Class will be taking an up-close and personal look at some of the missions ministries our church supports. Guest speakers will share about God’s call in their ministries, impacts of COVID, ways we can be praying for them and answer questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how God is working in our region and our world! See the lineup of speakers.

Faith Promise is an offering taken annually to support special missions projects. The money is supposed to come from “found money” (a tax refund, overtime work, etc.) or as a conviction from God that you should give a specific amount to His work instead of spending it on something else. This year’s goal is $20,000 and it will be shared by local missions organizations that are partners of BVBC. Organizations include: Sunday Breakfast Mission, Urban Promise, A Door of Hope, Foster Well and Prison Outreach of Delaware.

The Faith Promise offering is being collected through Sunday, February 28. You can donate via:

  • Giving online via credit card or ACH. Select “Faith Promise” as the Designation when giving.
  • Check payable to BVBC with “faith promise” written in the memo line. Checks can be placed in the offering boxes at the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings or mailed to BVBC
  • Cash in an envelope with “faith promise” written on the envelope. Placed this gift in the offering boxes at the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

a collage of faces of men, women and children of various ethnicities. Text says missions month.