Physical Development

Music – We offer children daily opportunities in music to allow for self-expression, listening, exploring, rhythm, sound and following directions.  For our Kindergarten students, music is a separate class.

child with weightsPhysical Education – We believe in providing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and provide weekly opportunities for physical education led by a specially certified teacher.  Helping children adopt an active lifestyle early-on will have a positive impact on their physical, emotional and intellectual development.  We also teach space awareness, balance, rhythm, and gross and fine motor skills.  All activities are age-appropriate and are designed to encourage growth.  Children should wear sneakers on the day their class has Gym.

Sensory – We provide a multi-sensory approach in our teaching.  Sensory tables and exploration using the five senses is highly encouraged.  Providing opportunities with different textures and manipulatives can help strengthen fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.  Children often learn better in multi-sensory rooms.

Blocks – We encourage imagination and positive social interactive play by providing children with blocks, duplos and legos.