Preschoolers love to discover new things! That’s why we provide fun, interactive learning experiences in an engaging environment where your child can learn about Jesus. Classes are split by ages: 2-year-olds (Blue Group), 3-year-olds (Green Group), 4-year-olds (Orange Group), and kindergarteners (Purple Group). At 9 a.m. the children are taught from the Bible in Life curriculum.

At 10:30 a.m. children have play time at educational centers followed by a 20-minute Lil’K video (2-4 year olds) or a What’s in the Bible? video (kindergarten). Educational centers may include: building blocks, puzzles, play-dough, coloring and books.

Classrooms open 15 minutes prior to the start time. Learn more about our safety procedures for all Brandywine Kids events. 

Lil’ K Lesson Topics (Each topic covers about 5 weeks):

  1. I Can Talk to God
  2. I Can Welcome Jesus (Easter)
  3. I Can Follow God
  4. I Can Be A Friend
  5. Shout
  6. I Can Love
  7. Picture Purpose
  8. I Can Be Brave
  9. Big
  10. Wow (Christmas)
  11. God’s Kid
  12. I Can Share
  13. God is Everywhere
  14. Show & Tell
  15. Bible Superheroes