The Road to Resurrection

Join us on Friday, April 14 at 7 p.m. for the Road to Resurrection! While parents attend the One For Wilmington worship service, children’s classes will be available for nursery age (under 3 ½), preschool age and elementary age children. Pre-registation is required. Preschool and elementary children will experience an event called Road to Resurrection.Road to resurrection. The Easter event for everyone!

At the Road to Resurrection, children will step back in time and follow Jesus’ footsteps throughout the week leading up to his death and resurrection. Along the path, they will encounter people who’ve met Jesus and become part of an incredible experience. Children will draw closer to Jesus at this memorable event.

Register your children for the Road to Resurrection.


Volunteers Needed

ALL of the volunteer positions have been filled!!!!! Thank you to everyone who is helping with this event.