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Nate Keeler - September 20, 2020

Romans Part 3: No Longer Slaves

Romans Part 3 - No Longer Slaves sermon slides     Romans Part 3 - No Longer Slaves sermon notes

Pastor Nate Keeler continues part 3 of "Romans: Our Power" with "No Longer Slaves" from Romans 6:6-23. Because of our union with Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection, Jesus has broken the power of sin to enslave us. Paul teaches us to live in freedom over sin through the gospel of Jesus.

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From Series: "Romans Part 3: Our Power"

In Romans Parts 1 and 2, the Apostle Paul has built a rock-solid argument in the first 5 chapters that the salvation of sinners can only happen through faith in Jesus Christ. In Romans, Part 3: Our Power, (chapters 6-8) Paul will show us the practical implications of the gospel to living out the Christian life related to our daily struggle with sin.

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