Social Development

Preschool childrenWe provide various opportunities for Peer Interaction.  It is important to respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We provide opportunities to foster respect and encourage positive relationships.  Problem solving skills are also taught to help children deal with conflict.

Dramatic Play provides children an outlet for their creativity.  They have opportunities to play with and without direction.  Children learn to play with each other and it is a great way for them to imitate real life.

Outdoor Play is a very important part of a child’s play.  In addition to the importance of fresh air and being outside in general, it is important for children to continue to socialize and problem solve in different settings.  The children play on the YMCA playground next door, and we take them outside as long as it is above 32 degrees.

Art is a regular part of our schedule and we provide a variety of mediums and experiences which helps foster creativity.  Children develop self-confidence and decision-making skills when they are allowed opportunities to be creative and determine the outcome of their projects.  It is important for children to explore without experience failure.  An art teacher comes in to our Kindergarten class to help the children expand their knowledge and encourage their creativity through the world of art.