image is a blue-purple background with text that says: fully faithful fully flawed online summer series, sundays at 6pm july-september.The Summer Series is BACK! “Fully Faithful, Fully Flawed” asks the question, how can we be fully faithful in our pursuit of God when we are fully flawed? Different speakers will tackle this question in different areas of life, using the life of David as a launching point. We’ll cover topics like: complaining to God, prayer, politics, violence in the Bible, handling grief and betrayal, planning for the future, and more. The class meets every Sunday of July, August and September, at 6:00 p.m. eastern on Zoom for approximately one hour. We’ll start with the teaching, and then have a time of discussion led by that week’s speaker and Pastor Matthew. All are welcome to participate, and the video of the teaching portion (not the discussion) will be posted online after. 

July 5 / What does it mean that “the Lord looks at the heart”? / 1 Samuel 16:1-13 / Kaely Johnson / Watch this class

July 12 / What do I do when God’s people are enemies of each other? / 1 Samuel 18:5-16 / Matthew McNutt / Watch this class

July 19 / Is it okay to complain to God in prayer? / Psalm 142 / Kristi Pullig / Watch this class

July 26 / What is God’s role in war and politics? / 2 Samuel 5:1-10 / Sam Arthur / Watch this class

August 2 / Why is God so violent? / Psalm 21 / Steve Taylor / Watch this class

August 9 / David was a liar, adulterer, and murderer; so why is he a hero of our faith? / 2 Samuel 11:1-27 / Todd Johnson / Watch this class

August 16 / If God forgives me, then why do I still get punished for my sins? / Psalm 51 / Craig Montgomery / Watch this class

August 23 / No Class, Annual Business Meeting

August 30 / How do I handle betrayal? / Psalm 41 / Kim Biasotto / Watch this class

September 6 / How can I know, and pursue, God’s plan for my family’s future? / 1 Chronicles 17:1-5 / Matthew McNutt / Watch this class

September 13 / What does God want my legacy to be? / 1 Chronicles 28:1-20 / Mike Skipper / Watch this class

September 20 / What’s my story in God’s eyes? / Psalm 31 / Don Kugelberg / Watch this class

September 27 / Why does it feel like God sometimes doesn’t keep the promises made in the Bible? / Psalm 1 / Craig Montgomery / Watch this class

Download the participant’s guide pdf for this class and follow along each week.

Podcasts of the 2020 Summer Series, Fully Faithful, Fully Flawed, are available via iTunes or Podbean.