Due date for submissions: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Please find the sheet music pdf and links to click tracks below. The click tracks you have to sing with have a rough band playing in the background as well as Larisa singing the choral parts. You can choose to simply record your choral voice part – use the click track with your voice part enhanced. OR you can choose to record the solo part along with your choral voice part – use the click track with your part enhanced along with the solo part. I would love to have many people submit recordings with the solo part – we plan to use a lot of different solo voices for this virtual choir piece (each phrase sung by a different person). If you live in a home with more than one singer, consider singing harmony (by ear) for the solo part and submit as a duo or trio!

  • If you do not have a printer and need a copy of the anthem to be mailed to you, contact Cassie Armstrong
  • Pay attention to clean & crisp cutoffs
  • Try to match Larisa’s voice in the soundtrack recording for rhythms & cutoffs
  • It is important to keep time with the metronome – do not slow down or speed up – stay with the click track for your tempo
  • Practice several times through before recording yourself. Record when you are confident enough to get out of the music (you do not need to memorize, you can use sheet music)

Sheet music for everyone
Lyric sheet
Sopranos with solo
Sopranos without solo
Altos with solo
Altos without solo
Tenors with solo
Tenors without solo
Basses with solo
Basses without solo


For singers who need help from Larisa: For singers who do not have adequate digital devices to record on your own or who simply would rather have help to record your voice part, please click this link and sign up for a 1/2 hour time slot to record at the church’s new “virtual choir studio.”

For singers who can do it themselves at home: You will need two (2) devices (smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.) and earbuds/ headphones.

  • Open the mp3 soundtrack for your voice part on a device (computer, laptop, etc.)
  • Plug your earbuds or headset into this device. You will sing along with the mp3 soundtrack while recording yourself on another device.
  • Use your smartphone or other digital recording device to record your video
  • It works best to prop this against something or in a tripod if you have one so that it does not shake or you can hold sheet music as necessary.
  • You can either hold your sheet music like a choral singer (in a folder) OR place your sheet music on stand or prop it up in a spot beyond your video camera where it will not make a lot of noise when you turn pages – please keep page turning noise to a minimum!
  • Try to sing and emote/be expressive into the camera as much as you can while reading your music – it’s okay if you glance back and forth (you will not be on screen for the entire video). Just try to look into the camera for the sung phrases and look at your music during rests/ breaks.
  • At the beginning of the track you will hear 3 metronome beats and then a clap sound. While recording, please clap along on the clap sound. This will help Matt sync up all the singer recordings.

Those recording with Larisa do not need to worry about this step. For those recording themselves, since your video will likely be too big to send by email it is easiest to send it via a link in Google Drive. Most smartphones have an option to send/share your video directly to Google drive. You can upload the video to your google drive and then share it with Matt Kelley at [email protected]

You may also send by flash drive (by mail or drop off at the church). If you need help figuring out how to do any of this, you can contact Larisa via email or 610-306-0186 (text/call) for assistance.

Please email Matt Kelley separately to let him know you sent the file. He will confirm that he received it. If he does not confirm receipt with you, he has not received it.

Remember, the submission deadline is Wednesday, September 30, 2020