The Worship Team serves every week, year-round, leading musical worship at the 10:30 a.m. contemporary service and occasionally at the 9:00 a.m. traditional service. The team also participates at special services and events such as the Christmas concert, Christmas Eve services, etc. Individuals typically serve at least one Sunday every five or six weeks, depending upon the need. In addition to serving on Sunday mornings the vocalists and musicians also spend five to six hours practicing with the team (Tuesdays 6:45-9:00 p.m. and Sundays 9-10 a.m.) as well as personal rehearsal and preparation.Worship Team leading worship on Sunday morning.

Purpose of the Worship Team

The purpose of worship team is to equip musically-skilled worshippers to communally and sacrificially lead the corporate worship of the Triune God in a contemporary style.

For complete information about  purpose, qualification, evaluation process and technical skill requirements, read the Worship Team Purpose and Process document.

If you are interested in exploring using your musical gifts to serve our congregation, please contact Worship & Music Administrative Assistant Cassie Armstrong.

Qualifications and Evaluation Process for Worship Team


  • Follower of Christ
  • Motivated by desire to sacrificially serve the church and the Lord (not for performance/exposure)
  • Talent AND skill on instrument/voice
  • Teachable & Humble spirit
  • Commitment & Dependability
  • Ability to learn music quickly
  • Ear for harmony and/or improvisation
  • Fill a need/blend

Evaluation of Prospective Worship Team:

  • Read through the Purpose and Qualifications Statement.
  • If potential musician would like to explore whether his/her musical gifts could be useful at BVBC, contact Worship & Music Director for meeting/evaluation.
  • Meet with director for meeting/evaluation at mutually arranged time – plan for 30-45 minutes.
  • After meeting/evaluation, director will make recommendations for musician.

Evaluation Results:

  • Yes – Candidate will rehearse with worship team (possibly alongside another musician playing your instrument) for probationary period set by director. When probationary period is over, candidate would then be assigned to an appropriate tandem (musicians he/she might blend well with) in scheduling matrix to assist in worship leading as needed.
  • Not Yet – In the case that the candidate exhibits strong potential to be on the worship team but is a little weak in 1 or 2 areas of skill, faith/church commitment, character, experience, or other, the Worship & Music Director will work with the candidate to formulate a plan for growth in area(s) of weakness. This Worship Training Team process will encompass a defined period of time at the end of which there will be a re-evaluation. (To be repeated as often as needed.)
  • No – It may happen that someone has been evaluated and the director discerns that he/she meets none or few of the qualifications for participation on the worship team (for example, singer cannot match pitches or drummer cannot maintain simple, consistent tempo). In this event, the candidate will not be invited to participate on the worship team. However, they may be invited to participate in occasional group or choral opportunities open to all, regardless of skill level or talent. These opportunities will occur periodically throughout the year during worship services or other worship-related events (ex. Christmas, Easter, community outreaches like caroling, retirement homes, etc.). If person desires to find another area to
    serve in the church, they will be referred to Connections Cafe.

Learn more about the Worship & Music Ministry.