Program Details

re|engage meets on Sundays, 9:00-10:00am and is an 15-week experience.

Core Group

  • Attend Core Group with your spouse
  • Connect with other couples
  • Learn how to help your marriage
  • Core Group consists of 4-5 couples
  • Commit to 18 weeks of working on marriage with your spouse

For more information about re|engage, visit www.marriagehelp.org or send us an email.

re|engage FAQs

Is childcare available?

On Sunday mornings, we have classes for all ages that your children can attend.

Can I attend re|engage without my spouse?

Unfortunately no. re|engage is designed for couples to work on their marriage together.

We need marriage counseling. Do you provide marriage counseling?

re|engage is not marriage counseling, it is marriage enrichment. See our list of recommended counselors if you require additional support.

We aren't members of your church. Can we still attend the marriage class?

Absolutely! re|engage is open to everyone, whether you attend our church, another church or no church. All married couples are invited to attend re|engage.

We are not Christians but we still want to work on our marriage. Can we attend?

Yes. People of all religous and non-religous backgrounds are invited to participate. Many of the marriage principles are based on Biblical teachings but they are applicable to any marriage.