Financial Support

We currently financially support over 30 active missionaries representing at least 11 countries. During Missions Month we collect a special “Faith Promise” offering that supports specific missionary projects and/or local ministries. In addition, our students and adult leaders go on summer missions trips and raise support through our congregation.

Global Missions

Student Mission Trips

Each summer the Brandywine Students offers short-term summer mission trips for students in grades 7-12. For more information about these trips please contact Melissa Stein.


The SALT (Support and Leadership Training) ministry is designed primarily to develop an effective theological education program for leaders and pastors who are unable to attend Bible schools and seminaries. They serve in South America and Europe. Learn more about SALT

Global Media Outreach (GMO)

GMO uses social media and online connections to share Christ throughout the world. Global Media Outreach exists to share Jesus online, grow people in faith and connect them to Christian communities. Technology reaches into countries where missionaries can’t go and helps new believers grow in places where a mention of the name of Jesus can lead to death. Volunteers, apps, social media, a secure response system, and online advertising come together as a new model to share Jesus with every person on Earth. Brandywine attendees serve as online missionaries through Global Media Outreach. For more information about Global Media Outreach or to volunteer, please contact the church office.

February Missions Month

Each February Brandywine focuses on missions. We have guest speakers, missionaries, a missions dinner and opportunities to get engaged.

Learn more about 2023 Missions Month

God has placed our church in the Brandywine Valley to be a lighthouse for Christ. The theme is In the Trenches.

This year, we are hosting Valik Grushetskyy, his wife Natasha and their six children for a month-long visit here in Wilmington. Valik is the pastor of Brandywine’s sister church in Reya, Ukraine. Brandywine’s relationship with Valik began in 2002 when he was an intern here, and we have supported the church in Reya and the local seminary for many years. We hope their family can rest and enjoy a respite from the war in Ukraine. In addition, we will learn from Valik and Natasha how God has been at work through their ministry in 2022.

There are several opportunities to hear from Valik and Natasha.
February 12 – Valik is preaching at the 9am and 10:30am Worship services
February 15 – Brandywine Students (6:30-8:00pm)
February 17Missions Dinner at 6pm
February 19 – Speaking at Adult Sunday Classes at 9am and 10:30am


American Christians have enjoyed a long era without persecution for our faith. While those times may be coming to an end, the good news is that when we learn to embrace our faith in the trenches, we can become effective witnesses of Christ while maturing in our faith. In our study in 1 Peter we will learn how to move forward by looking back to how the early church embraced ministry in the trenches.

Missions Dinner

The Missions Dinner is on Friday, February 17 at 6pm. Enjoy a Ukrainian dinner feast.  We will hear updates from our Ukrainian missionaries, Valik and Natasha Grushetskyy.

This year’s special event will be held at the Mendenhall Inn (323 Kennett Pike, Mendenhall, PA 19357).  Seating in the Grand Ballroom is limited. Tickets are $5/person.


There is no children’s program nor childcare available at the dinner. The dinner is planned for 2 1/2 hours.

Deadline for purchasing tickets is Sunday, February 5. Capacity is limited and cannot be added after the registration deadline or when the capacity limit is reached.

Ukrainian Dinner Feast​ Menu

Appetizer: Smoked Cold Kielbasa with Red Beet Horseradish.

Salad: Vinaigrette (beets, potatoes, celery, onions, peas, carrots and olive oil)

Main Dish: Three Choices

    1. Ukrainian feast: includes Holubtsi (stuffed cabbage with pork/veal/rice mixture), Varenyky (Perogies, potato and potato & cheese), hot smoked kielbasa, and Haluski (noddles, onions, cabbage, bacon)
    2. Chicken Marsala
    3. Vegetarian/Gluten Free

Dessert: Lekvar Kiffles (pastry filled with nuts and fruit)

Adult Sunday Classes February 19

Ukrainian missionary and pastor Valik Grushetskyy will teach in both of the Adult Sunday Classes on February 19. We’ll learn more about his ministry. Both the 9am and the 10:30am classes will have the same topic and teaching. If you’ve never attended an Adult Sunday Class, we invite you to jump in.

Faith Promise

Faith Promise is an offering taken annually to support special missions projects. The money is supposed to come from “found money” (a tax refund, overtime work, etc.) or as a conviction from God that you should give a specific amount to His work instead of spending it on something else.

The 2023 Faith Promise will assist the church in Reya with infrastructure improvements and their work supporting refugees who are fleeing to the village of Reya because it is safer than their hometowns.  The 2023 Faith Promise goal is $25,000.

The Faith Promise offering is being collected through Sunday, February 26, 2023. You can donate via:

  • Giving online via credit card or ACH. Select “Faith Promise” as the Fund when giving.
  • Check payable to Brandywine with “faith promise” written in the memo line. Checks can be placed in the offering boxes at the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings or mailed to Brandywine.
  • Cash in an envelope with “faith promise” written on the envelope. Place this gift in the offering boxes at the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings.

Supported Missionaries

Brandywine partners with churches, mission boards, and other parachurch organizations in local and cross-cultural outreach. Below is the list of missionaries supported by Brandywine Valley Church.

Missionaries are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Gabe & Judy Agostini

Mission Organization: Ripe for the Harvest
Location: Delaware, United States

Gabe and Judy are leading a new ministry called Ministerio Apoyo Pastoral enabling them to serve the church leadership in Venezuela and other Spanish speaking congregations in rural and isolated areas. They will supply programs for radio stations; provide online seminars taught by national pastors and seminary teachers; and equip pastors with ministry resources tailored to their unique needs.

Steve & Rochelle Anderson

Mission Organization: Prison Outreach of Delaware, Inc.
Location: Delaware, United States

Steve ministers at two correctional facilities in Delaware where he leads programs and Bible studies with an emphasis on making disciples for Jesus Christ. Steve also leads an aftercare group that meets weekly to provide support for men recently released from prison.

Raphael & Karen Anzenberger

Mission Organization: imagoDei via TrustBridge
Location: Canada and Europe

Raphael is an evangelist, speaker and author, serving globally with a passion to raise a new generation of young apostolic leaders. Serving as an international consultant and teacher, Raphael focuses on evangelism, church planting and missions, apologetics, and leadership.

Ron & Char Bystrom

Mission Organization: Cru
Location: New Jersey, United States

Ron and Char serve college students and staff in the Mid-Atlantic Region with a focus on international missions sending. Ron also helps provide oversight to the 79 university ministries and a specialist focus to six international partnerships around the world.

Colleen Caskey

Mission Organization: InterVarsity (IV) Christian Fellowship
Location: Virginia, United States

Colleen is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for InterVarsity’s sports ministry at colleges in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the University of Delaware.

Lyn Doyle

Mission Organization: UrbanPromise Wilmington
Location: Delaware, United States

Lyn serves in many capacities with UrbanPromise Wilmington, primarly in the UrbanPromise schools, as well as in the administrative office. UrbanPromise Wilmington equips children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth and servant leadership.

Al & Mary Ginter

Mission Organization: Entrust
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Al and Mary are involved in a training ministry to neighboring countries to help equip local pastors to be able to better serve their people.

Valik & Natasha Grushetskyy

Location: Ukraine

Valik is the Pastor of our sister church in Reya, Ukraine.

Pattie Harris

Mission Organization: Cru
Location: Delaware, United States

Pattie is the Northeast Regional Rep and Prayer Development Specialist for the Great Commission Global Prayer Movement. She mobilizes and trains people and churches to expand the discipline of prayer. Pattie also works with Global Media Outreach, a ministry using the internet for evangelism.

Jim & Lynne Head

Mission Organization: WorldTeam
Location: North Carolina, United States

Jim is the Pastoral Care Coordinator for WorldTeam missionaries serving in North and South America. He also offers pastoral care online for practical help and support. Lynne travels with him and assists when missionaries come to their home for help.

Kristen & Rodney Huffty

Mission Organization: Young Life
Location: Scotland

Kristen and Rodney are the Country Directors and Developers leading the Young Life Scotland team. Their mission includes training, mentoring and nurturing Young Life Scotland staff; growing volunteer leaders; developing strong relationships with Bible believing churches; participating in ministry to secondary and university students; and creating a culture of generous giving.

Liz Kealy

Mission Organization: Cru
Location: New York, United States

Liz is the Local Mission Director for Cru in New York. She ensures that gospel living and leadership development is happening at every level among the interns and staff; and recruiting and developing new team leaders.

Allen & Sharon Mercer

Mission Organization: Pioneers
Location: Hungary

Allen is a leader of a multinational church-planting team in Northeastern Hungary, which seeks to equip Hungarians to lead a dynamic church planting movement. Allen serves as a pastor/mentor and assists in other ministries. Sharon is a full-time mom and part-time mentor for women in her church.

Steve & Mary Njenga

Mission Organization: David’s Hope International
Location: Kenya

Steve works in the village of Eburru, Kenya with Camp Brethren Ministries (CBM). Much of this work is focused in church planting, care for the destitute and orphans, education through the CBCS Elementary and High School, health services through CBM Medical Center and discipleship ministry training.

Esperandieu & Dianne Pierre

Mission Organization: Cru and Nehemiah Vision Ministries
Location: Haiti

Pierre is the National Director of Haiti for Cru, overseeing Cru staff and ministries. His ministry also includes evangelism and discipleship through English as a second language (ESL) and humanitarian projects. He and Dianne founded Nehemiah Vision Ministries reaching Haitians through compassion projects including a Christian school. 

Jay & Kelley Reapsome

Mission Organization: Cru
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Jay and Kelley are part of Cru’s Bridges Ministry at Penn State University. Their ministry focuses on reaching, building and equipping international students for Christ.

Miguel & Faithe Saccsara

Mission Organization: Empowering Quechuas
Location: Peru

Miguel and Faithe minister to the Quechua people in Peru. Some of the tools they use to reach people are futbol club, evangelistic English, technical training, and Adventure Ministry.

Kenneth & Mwaiwawo Sande

Mission Organization: Impact Life Malawi
Location: Malawi

Kenneth is the director of Impact Life Malawi which provides academic support and Christ centered holistic life coaching to the youth and children of Mzuzu city. He is also a volunteer lecturer of New Testament and Theology at University of Livingstonia, as well as, a preacher. Mwaiwawo sits on Impact Life Malawi’s board and is the family’s breadwinner through her nursing lecturing.

Tim & Gervais Santa Barbara

Mission Organization: Prison Outreach of Delaware, Inc.
Location: Delaware, United States

Tim is the Aftercare Associate and ministers to men recently released from prison. He also runs a weekly Bible study called Broken Beginnings.

Juan & Melissa Santafe

Mission Organization: Avant Ministries USA
Location: Colombia

Juan and Melissa are building relationships and working with small groups and house churches in the hope of eventually planting a church in Colombia grown from these small groups.

Tim & Kathy Sheetz

Mission Organization: Handi*Vangelism Ministries, Int.
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Tim is the Founder and Director of Handi*Vangelism, Ministries Int., a ministry to people with disabilities and their families. They provide discipleship, provide opportunities for fun and fellowship and help bereaved parents through the grieving process. Kathy is editor of the newsletter, teaches Bible at Handi*Camp and provides hospitality for support groups.

Rio & Renata S.

Mission Organization: International Partnership Associates
Location: Southeast Asia

Rio and Renata develop partnerships of churches and mission agencies in reaching Muslims in Southeast Asia with Interdev Partnership Associates. Rio is also the pastor of a small congregation in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Scott & Jen Thomson

Mission Organization: Cru
Location: Connecticut, United States

Scott and Jen are the Directors of the Cru ministry at the University of Connecticut. During the school year, they lead staff, interns and students seeking to introduce others to Jesus, helping them grow in their faith and sending them out into the world to do the same. When school is out, they create ministry opportunities to help students develop a heart for the world.

Percy & Carol Valiente

Mission Organization: SIM
Location: Peru

Percy and Carol are church planters involved in starting a new church called “Christian Community for the Family.” Percy ministers to men through The School of Biblical Manhood while Carol leads a women’s Bible study and is a children’s Sunday school teacher.

Keith & Marti Williams

Mission Organization: WEC International
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Keith and Marti focused on media ministry for twelve years. In 2022, they began utilizing their passion for equipping and training missionaries in their position as co-directors of the U.S. Membership Division of WEC. Their primary role is to oversee the selection, training and sending of new WEC missionaries.

Donations for Ukraine

Brandywine has supported several missions efforts in the Ukraine for many years and have long established partnerships. We have helped build and develop three churches, as well as support the Korosten Bible College with funds and teachers. Pastor Valik has been our longest-term partner in the Ukraine.

Many of you have reached out to us and asked how you can give to support the needs in the Ukraine during this time of war. First, be in prayer for Pastor Valik in Reya, Pastor Vanya in Volitsa, Pastor Sergei in Pyatnigirka, and Pastor Paul in Korosten at the Korosten Bible College.

Second, if so led, make a financial donation to support the Ukrainians. Pastor Valik is helping the local churches and local community with basic necessities, like food and medicine, and transportation back-and-forth to the border. In addition, people are being housed in his home and in the church. Pastor Valik is our point person to distribute money to the churches for these needs. The needs are great, since most people are out of work due to the war.

Brandywine is accepting financial gifts that will be given to Pastor Valik to support his and the other pastors’ ministries to their churches and the local community. These gifts are fully tax-deductible and 100% of your gifts will go directly for their needs and ministry.

You can give online or via check. To give online, Select “Special Designated Gift” as the fund and type “Ukraine” in the note field to ensure your donation goes to the Ukraine.

To give via check, make the payable to “Brandywine Valley Church” and write “Ukraine” in the memo field. Drop your donation in the offering boxes in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings or mail the check to:
Brandywine Valley Church
ATTN: Financial Department
7 Mount Lebanon Road
Wilmington, DE 19803

Missions Committee

Our Missions Committee is dedicated to praying for, serving and being liaisons for our local and global missionaries. For more information about this team contact Brett Dorsch.