Serve at Church

Welcome Team

Guest Services, Greeting, Ushering, Parking

This team welcomes guests to our church and helps them feel at home.

Kids Ministry

Birth-5th Grade

From Early Kids to Elementary & Preteens, serve Brandywine children during Sunday service, Wednesday Awana, or assist with childcare.

Small Group & Ministry

Host, Leader, Support

Make a difference in the lives of those in any of our small groups and ministries by providing direction and leadership, or additional support.

Production Team

Audio, Media, Video, Lighting, Cameras and Photography

Create an environment ripe for worship of God through production. If you like working behind the scenes, this team could be for you.

Worship Arts

Instrumentals, Vocals

This team serves our church in worship through music. Instrumentalists and vocalists of all kinds are welcome to inquire about serving.

Once you have decided to serve, volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Application (you only have to do this once) and agree with our Statement of Faith and Policy Statement on Gender, Marriage and Sexuality.

Serve in the Community

Besides serving within the church, we partner with other local organizations. God has placed us in our city to be a lighthouse for Christ. To be most effective we must partner with other like-minded churches, agencies and ministries. We seek to earn the right to proclaim the gospel through building relationships, meeting needs and displaying love. We partner with several ministries throughout the Brandywine Valley in various ways including financial support, service opportunities, training and events.

See how we’re making a missional impact on our community:

Circle of Care

In February 2022, Brandywine Valley Church formed a Circle of Care Team to work with local refugees who are legally settling in our community. By God’s grace, we were paired with a wonderful young family settling in our community.

A Circle of Care is a group of 6-8 volunteers who are assigned to assist a specific refugee family in reaching self-sufficiency as they legally settle with a settlement agency. The group works closely with an assigned caseworker and assists the newly settled family in acclimating to our community. A Circle of Care Group will receive training from Jewish Family Services before being placed with a family. The types of activities that a Circle of Care Group gets involved with include:

    • Help understanding and reacting properly to all kinds of official mail
    • Support navigating the healthcare system
    • Support finding and keeping employment
    • Help with transportation
    • Help to learn grocery shopping
    • Help locate housing and help make connections for first employment
    • Helping uderstand the school  system and be a liaison to the school (if there are school age children)
    • Money management and budgeting
    • Helping families increase social capital
    • Support getting around in their new area (getting to know the area, grocery shopping, library, etc.)
    • Help with transportation (drive to important appointments, teach public transportation)
    • Help in obtaining drivers license
    • Taking family to events or host them for a meal
    • Help learning to speak and communicate in English, making connections to local ESL groups

If you are interested in joining the circle of care team, please fill out this form.