9:00am Class

Topic: The Gospel According to Mark

Teachers: Creighton Anderson, Sam Arthur, Jim Blosser, Craig Montgomery and Steve Taylor

Description: The Gospel of Mark is a brisk and purposeful account of Jesus’ adult life and ministry. This course involves a detailed study which will expand on the Sunday morning worship service messages on Mark. The class format is oriented toward thought questions and lively group discussion with an emphasis on life application.

10:30am Class

Topic: Ecclesiastes

Teacher: Don Kugelberg

Description: Feeling caught up in the rat race of life? Wondering what it all means? This Old Testament book remains relevant today. It is the sage’s wisdom on coming to terms with reality and coping with life as it is.

Class Videos

Watch videos from previous Adult Sunday Classes in our Teachings Archives. Videos from July 2020 though December 2021 are included.

Podcasts of the 2019 Summer Series, Faith and Science, are available via iTunes or Podbean. The speakers’ notes, when provided by the speaker, are available on MyBrandywine.