Fall Topics (Begin Sept. 10)

9:00am Class

Topic: 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles

Teachers: Teaching Team

Description: The prophetic expectation of the Jews returning to Judea from Babylonian exile was that Yahweh would dwell once again among them; the city and temple would be rebuilt under a purified priesthood; the messianic king would be enthroned; and the nations would flock to Jerusalem to worship Yahweh and live under his peaceful rule. Nearly two centuries had passed, and none of that had happened. The author of Chronicles reshaped the stories of David, Solomon and the kings of the past to remind his people of their heritage and to provide a message of hope for the future, based on Yahweh’s enduring faithfulness to His covenant.

Location: Fellowship Hall

9:00am Women’s Class

Topic: Book Study – Understanding the Wounded Heart

Teacher: Kendra Young

Description: “Understanding the Wounded Heart” by Marcus Warner “introduces a simple model for understanding the wounded heart and offers some practical, transferable tools for experiencing God’s healing and transformation. It explains four tools for helping people experience healing, building joy, taking thoughts captive, forgiveness, and listening prayer.”

This is an eight-week class hosted by Brandywine Women. If you plan to attend, please email Kendra Young for classroom space considerations. Once confirmed, please purchase the book in preparation for the first class. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Location: Room 33L

9:00am Bridging the Gap Class

Topic: Book of Rmoans

Teacher: Tim Santa Barbara

Description: We are “bridging the gap” of the giant chasm between the brain and the heart by walking verse-by-verse through the book of Romans. All are welcome!

Location: Room 33F

10:30am Class

Topic: The Names of God

Teacher: Don Kugelberg

Description: God reveals Himself to us through His many different names in the Bible. He uses each of His names to reveal a different part of His character to us. The goal of this study is to get to know God more deeply.

Location: Fellowship Hall

Class Videos

Watch videos from previous Adult Sunday Classes in our Teachings Archives. Videos include:

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Podcasts of the 2019 Summer Series, Faith and Science, are available via iTunes or Podbean. The speakers’ notes, when provided by the speaker, are available on MyBrandywine.