Fall Topics

9:00am Class

Topic: Lifestyles of Discipleship – How They Did It in Old Testament Times

Teachers: Sam Arthur, Jim Blosser, Craig Montgomery and Steve Taylor

Description: In Old Testament times, Jesus’ advent had not occurred yet. So what would Old Testament discipleship look like? In this 10-week study, the class will examine the character and behavior of several Old Testament figures with the goal of both answering that question and also providing role models for our own discipleship.

Location: Fellowship Hall

10:30am Class

Topic: Book of 1 Peter

Teacher: Don Kugelberg

Description: The Apostle Peter knew what it was like to live in a hostile society. His letter, 1 Peter, gives practical clues on how to find joy and peace in the midst of a culture that opposes us at every turn.

Location: Fellowship Hall

Class Videos

Watch videos from previous Adult Sunday Classes in our Teachings Archives. Videos include:

Summer 2022
July 2020 though December 2021

Podcasts of the 2019 Summer Series, Faith and Science, are available via iTunes or Podbean. The speakers’ notes, when provided by the speaker, are available on MyBrandywine.