Winter/Spring Topics

9:00am Class

Topic: Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

Teachers: Sam Arthur, Jim Blosser, Craig Montgomery and Steve Taylor

Description: Where does the radical idea that “the righteous will live by faith” originally come from anyway? Not from the New Testament. Paul was Pharisee and “a Hebrew of the Hebrews” who knew the Old Testament like the back of his hand; how did he apply it to characterize and illustrate the Good News of Jesus Christ? The class will unpack Paul’s letter to the church at Rome, explaining how this all works.

Location: Fellowship Hall

9:00am Women’s Class

Topic: “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets

Teacher: Hope Glavin

Description: A 10-week book study on the book “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets (How God can use your prayers to move heaven and earth). Books are available for purchase from church for $16.99. The current class has reached capacity. The next class begins on Sunday, May 21.

Location: Room 33L

10:30am Class

Topic: 1 Peter

Teacher: Don Kugelberg

Description: The Apostle Peter knew what it was like to live in a hostile society. His letter gives practical clues on how to find joy and peace in the midst of a culture that opposes us at every turn.

Location: Fellowship Hall

Class Videos

Watch videos from previous Adult Sunday Classes in our Teachings Archives. Videos include:

Summer 2022
July 2020 though December 2021

Podcasts of the 2019 Summer Series, Faith and Science, are available via iTunes or Podbean. The speakers’ notes, when provided by the speaker, are available on MyBrandywine.