Service Opportunity

In addition to donating school supplies, there is also an opportunity to serve at the Back-to-School Rally on Saturday, August 12, 2023 beginning at 9am. Volunteers are needed to hand out supplies and to pray with families.

This service opportunity occurs at the Sunday Breakfast Mission at 110 Poplar St. Wilmington, DE. To volunteer, please email Herb Schrock stating how you want to serve (handing out supplies or praying with families).

School Supplies

There are two ways to donate school supplies:

  • Drop off items in the church Lobby July 9-23.
  • Purchase school supplies online from the Amazon Wish List and ship directly to the Sunday Breakfast Mission. View the Amazon Wish List.

    Requested School Supplies

    3-ring binder, 1 inch
    Backpacks: elementary students (15 inch) & middle school students (17 inch)
    Colored pencils
    Composition book: wide & college rule
    Ear buds
    Erasers, pencil cap erasers
    Glue: washable glue sticks & bottles of washable glue
    Markers, washable
    Mechanical pencils
    Paper (filler paper): wide & college rule notebook paper
    Pencil case or pouch (that fit 3-ring binder)
    Pencil sharpener
    Pencils, 24-piece packages preferred
    Pocket folders
    Ruler with inches and centimeters
    Scissors: blunt (5 inch for elementary) & pointed tip (8 inch for middle school)
    Spiral notebook: 1-subject, wide & college rule
    Tissues, travel size