WHAT: Invite your neighbors to an informal get together, a time to get to know each other. Offer a few snacks and drinks, but remember, the main goal is simply to get to know your neighbors. A gathering can be as simple as a cup of coffee or as grand as a BBQ or block party. It’s about creating connections where there are none or very little.

WHY: The purpose of the Neighbors Social is simple: Building relationships with your neighbors.  

WHEN: Saturday, April 27. We are encouraging two versions of the Neighbors Social:

  • Morning: A two-hour morning social that includes coffee and pastries.
  • Afternoon/early evening: Two-hour late afternoon social that includes drinks and snacks. Select the time you think works best in your community.

WHERE: The location can vary depending on your setting. Pick a place people will feel comfortable: your driveway, front yard, a common room, parking lot, neighborhood park, etc. Select a location that feels inviting and natural.

THE WHY BEHIND THE WHAT: Recognizing that relationships can be barriers, our goal of this event is to know our neighbors’ names, get a snapshot of their lives, and foster fellowship. As local co-missionaries, we need to become comfortable trying different things to learn from various approaches. Similar to how global missionaries explore different inroads, we aim to experiment and adapt as local co-missionaries. The Neighbors Social is like a missions experiment. Some may have a great turnout while others have none. While this may be discouraging, it’s not a failure! Regardless of the outcome, approach this as a learning experience and a time to rely on God for prayer and wisdom.

Our expectation is not that you directly share the Gospel during the event. However, if the door opens, take it. The purpose of the Neighbors Social is simple: Gather your neighbors for an informal get together that’s focused on building relationships.


    Brandywine is providing a Neighbors Social resource kit that includes: door hangers, stickers and instructions.

    The door hangers can be used as an invitation for your neighbors. A personal invite is the best. A door hanger can be given when you speak to the neighbor or left if there is no answer.

    Download the instruction sheet.

    Pickup a Neighbors Social Kit in the Lobby on Sundays through April 21.