Matthew McNutt - April 7, 2019

Bold as Lions: The Lion's Den

Bold as Lions: The Book of Daniel

In Daniel chapter 6, we find the well-known account of how Daniel miraculously survived, unharmed, when he spent the night in a lion's den by order of King Darius. Two things became clear to the king: 1. Daniel's God is real; and 2. King Darius had been manipulated by his own administrators to trap Daniel. There are lessons for us in this account as well. God is sovereign; everyone and everything is under His authority. Our lives are to proclaim God.

From Series: "Bold as Lions: The Book of Daniel"

This series explores the narrative of the unlikely hero, Daniel. Even though God's people are in exile because of their unrepentance, the God of Abraham, Jacob and Issac has not given up on them. God uses Daniel and his friends to: (1) Embolden us to stand firm in the face of opposition, especially when the deck is stacked against us; (2) Give hope to His representatives that God is still sovereign over the affairs of the world and will strategically place us to be people of influence; and (3) Reveal that God sovereignly uses powerful kings and kingdoms in his cosmic plans to bring justice and His eternal kingdom. Will we be bold as lions and trust in God's sovereign plan through trouble?

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