Todd Johnson - September 16, 2018

Brandywine Together: Pursuing Biblical Community

Biblical community can be described as "an incubator for Christian discipleship." The church is a place in which a community of believers grow and thrive together. In order for this to happen, there must be devotion to personal discipleship and a commitment to discipling one another. Biblical community requires consistency in fellowship. Finally, Biblical community must be rooted in a common sacrificial love for one another.

From Series: "Brandywine Together"

The Church is "God's Plan A" to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ...and there is no Plan B! Because this is true, church must be more than just a building we go to on Sundays. "Brandywine Together" is a series all about the vital importance the local church should have in the lives of Christians if we are going to be most effective at accomplishing God's mission in our community and world.

Brandywine Together- Pursuing Biblical Community sermon slides and notes

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