Nate Keeler - April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday: Jesus, the One and Only

In this Easter message, Pastor Nate examines six claims of Jesus that demand a response from us. 1. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah of God, sent in fulfillment of scripture. 2. Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh. 3. Jesus claimed to have authority to forgive sins. 4. Jesus claimed to be on a mission of love to rescue humanity from sin. 5. Jesus claimed that he would rise from the dead. 6. Jesus claimed that he was the only path to God.

From Series: "Easter Sunday: Jesus, the One and Only"

Who is Jesus? Inarguably, Jesus Christ is the most significant figure in human history. No one else has had a greater impact on the human race. Nearly all would agree that Jesus actually lived on this earth, and many asked him the question, "Who are you?" This Easter message will examine the claims of Jesus Himself as He answers that question.

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