Nate Keeler - October 7, 2018

Brandywine Together: Shepherds and Flock, Part 2

Brandywine Together

**This sermon may not be appropriate for children as Pastor Nate addresses the topic of abuse of power by those in positions of authority within and outside of the church. We learn from Ezekiel 34 that: (1) God hate the abuse of authority; (2.) God will hold power abusers accountable; (3.) God is the defender of the victimized; and (4.) God is opposed to the rejection of authority. Pastor Nate also addresses the question, “How should the church body respond to leaders in the church.” (Romans 13).

From Series: "Brandywine Together"

The Church is "God's Plan A" to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ...and there is no Plan B! Because this is true, church must be more than just a building we go to on Sundays. "Brandywine Together" is a series all about the vital importance the local church should have in the lives of Christians if we are going to be most effective at accomplishing God's mission in our community and world.

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