Nate Keeler - March 25, 2018

Esther: The Divine Savior

In Esther chapters 8-10 we learn how Haman's evil plan for the Jews is thwarted by three great reversals: position, condition and disposition. Not only does God's providential reversal of events result in the preservation of the Jewish people, but the reversals apply to believers as well. In Christ our death sentence is nullified, our fate is reversed, and our salvation is secured through the divine savior.

From Series: "Esther: The Divine Behind the Scenes"

In this four-week sermon series in the Old Testament book of Esther, we will explore the providence of God. In this book God is so behind the scenes that he isn’t even named! God hides himself in the background to teach us about his providence in our everyday lives so that we learn to see God’s fingerprints working behind the scenes through the good, the bad and the ugly.

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