Matthew McNutt - October 3, 2021

Gospel Blueprints - Purpose: Why Do I Exist?

As we continue our Gospel Blueprints sermon series, Pastor Matthew McNutt shares Purpose: Why Do I Exist? Does life have a purpose? Do we create our own purpose or is there a metanarrative of existence in which we find our purpose? The sermon context is Colossians 3:1-4.

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From Series: "Gospel Blueprints"

Everyone needs to be able to answer questions about identity (who am I?), morality (what is true?) and purpose (why do I exist?). Our modern culture has answers to these questions based on the blueprints of individualism, relativism and humanism. But in the Gospel of Jesus Christ we find answers to our deepest questions and hope for our deepest needs upon which to build our lives and impact our society. In this series, we will examine the Gospel Blueprints and the implications to some of the most significant issues of our day. 

Purpose: Why Do I Exist? sermon notes

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