Nate Keeler - August 4, 2019

Summer on the Mount: Hypocrisy Redefined

In Matthew 6:1-8, Jesus addresses Imitation vs Authentic Religion. This includes giving, prayer and fasting. Jesus reserved his harshest words for hypocrites. Hypocrisy is deceiving yourself, it is like wearing a mask. Others see what the mask portrays but you see the what’s behind the mask. When you perform a good deed, do you care who gets the credit? Jesus may have no tolerance for hypocrisy, but he has UNLIMTED GRACE for those who take off the mask. Now is the time to get real with God and get real with others.

From Series: "Summer on the Mount"

In this most famous sermon of all time, we will learn what life looks like when lived according to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We will also learn just how just how revolutionary Jesus' teaching was and still is in our culture today. Jesus sets a high bar when it comes to topics like judging others, lust, marriage, false religion, money and how we treat others. While we will never live up to the holy standards set forth in this sermon, Jesus practiced what He preached, fulfilling these standards in our place. Jesus now calls us to live as members of His kingdom so that the world sees Him.

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