Nate Keeler - November 4, 2018

Our True Citizenship

Dual Citizens: 1 Peter

The apostle Peter says in 1 Peter 1:6 that Christians can experience both joy and grief simultaneously. This sermon explains how this is possible. We see from scripture: why we rejoice; why we grieve; and why we rejoice while we grieve. Scripture tells us there is a purpose in suffering, and we can rejoice because we know that the outcome is a glorious future.

From Series: "Dual Citizens: 1 Peter"

This sermon series in 1 Peter will encourage, instruct and challenge Christians to live as citizens of the kingdom of heaven while remaining as citizens of the kingdom of man. The scriptures will speak to questions such as: Who are we? How much should we be like or unlike the world? How do we respond when we experience suffering?

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