Todd Johnson - May 5, 2019

Skeptical: Haven't Christians Been on the Wrong Side of History?


When those who claim to be Christ followers distort God's word, it draws skepticism from the watching world. This skepticism isn't a problem with Jesus; it is criticism due to the cultural Christianity of those who fail to take Jesus' words seriously. Being on the right side of history means that Christians align their lives with God and His Son. This sermon examines two historical periods in which Christians did "get it wrong:" American institutionalized slavery and the German church's response to Anti-Semitism. Learn how Christians today can ensure that they are true disciples who don't slip into Cultural Christianity and end up on the wrong side of history.

From Series: "Skeptical"

This series seeks to provide intellectually, emotionally and culturally reasonable responses to some of our culture's most skeptical questions about faith. While we will not have all the answers and proofs, we will seek to respond in a respectful and winsome way.

Skeptical: Haven't Christians Been on the Wrong Side of History sermon notes and slides

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