Nate Keeler - April 12, 2020

The Death of Despair

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This Easter we look at the resurrection through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, an unlikely sinner turned forgiven follower of Jesus, who was the first to see the resurrected Jesus. Like Mary, we all experience disappointment and despair living in a fallen world. Our greatest hopes of success, our longing for the perfect relationship, our desire to be someone can quickly be crushed by failure, flaws, sin and sickness. But the resurrection of Jesus puts to death despair. The resurrection promises to undo all our greatest failures, flaws, sin and sickness. It works backwards to right every wrong and turn despair into real joy and purpose that will never end.

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From Series: "Easter: The Death of Despair"

It seemed as if all of Mary’s hopes and dreams of a new life, a new purpose, a new savior, a new forgiveness had been crushed by the crucifixion of her Savior. Jesus seemed to be the only one who saw her with dignity and great purpose and love…but now he was gone. Mary was going to the tomb while it was still dark to mourn in the midst of her despair. But the story was not over. The resurrection of Jesus put to death Mary’s despair. Because He resurrected all her greatest hopes and dreams were resurrected too.

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