Nate Keeler - December 1, 2019

Wonderful Counselor

In the year 730 B.C., King Ahaz is in distress upon learning that Assyria plans to conquer Jerusalem. The prophet Isaiah addresses the king, speaking in Isaiah 9:6 of one who will come to help. His first royal title is "Wonderful Counselor." The title implies that he will be a king like Solomon with both the wisdom and power to guide and lead all in His kingdom. Jesus Christ perfectly lives up to this royal title in two respects. First, He brought words of WISDOM and truth that consistently "astonished" his hearers. Second, Christ's EXPERIENCE on earth validates his counsel to mankind. Jesus experienced the same challenges and emotions that we do. God sent Jesus, the Messiah, to meet us in our felt needs and to provide for our ultimate need -- a Savior. Where do we seek our help: the Wonderful Counselor or a counterfeit?

From Series: "He Shall Be Called"

The Spirit of God gave the prophet Isaiah revelation about the promised Messiah, the Savior of the world. In His birth announcement in Isaiah 9 we are given four royal titles that vividly describe the nature and work of the Messiah. This Advent, we will study these four titles in their context, how Jesus Christ fulfills each royal title, and why we can worship Jesus Christ as our true king this Christmas season.

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