March – April 2023 Recommendations

Confronting Christianity

By: Rebecca McLaughlin

Twelve hard questions for the world’s largest religion. Christianity is the most widespread global belief system, and promises to remain so well into the future. But for many educated westerners, biblical Christianity is a dangerous idea―challenging some of their deepest beliefs.

Image of cover of book: confronting christianity.

Who Is Jesus

By: Mark Gilbert

A succinct introduction to Jesus’ life, words and enduring significance, offering non-Christians and new Christians a complelling portrait of Jesus Christ.

Image of cover of book: who is jesus.

George Whitefield

By: Arnold A. Dallmore

God’s accomplishments through George Whitefield are to this day virtually unparalleled. In an era when many ministers were timid and apologetic in their preaching, he preached the gospel with zeal and undaunted courage. In the wake of his fearless preaching, revival swept across the British Isles, and the Great Awakening transformed the American colonies.

Image cover of book: George Whitefield by Arnold A. Dallmore.

40 Days of Decrease: A Different Kind of Hunger. A Different Kind of Fast.

By: Alicia Britt Chole

Decrease life’s unnecessary details and increase your relationship with the Lord so you can live in awe of Christ’s resurrection! 40 Days of Decrease is a guide for those hungering for a fresh Lenten/Easter experience.

Image of cover of book: 40 days of decrease by Alicia Britt Chole.

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

By: J. I. Packer

If God is in control of everything, can Christians sit back and not bother to evangelize? Or does active evangelism imply that God is not really sovereign at all? J. I. Packer shows how both of these attitudes are false.

Image of cover of Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God By J. I. Packer

Beautiful Resistance: The Joy of Conviction in a Culture of Compromise

By: Jon Tyson

We live in a time when our culture is becoming increasingly shallow, coarse, and empty. In a time of compromise and disillusionment, God is calling his people to a movement of beautiful resistance.

Image of cover of book: beautiful resistance by Jon tyson.

The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer

By: E. M. Bounds

Learn the secrets of effective prayer for every need. Eight classic explorations cover every aspect of prayer in a readable way. 

cover of the book The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer By: E. M. Bounds