June – July 2022 Recommendations

Surprised by Jesus

By: Dane Ortlund

This book reflects on the subversive grace as it uniquely emerges in each of the four Gospel accounts. The message and mission of Jesus in each account is deeply surprising. 

book cver of surpised by jesus by dane ortlund.

A Non-Anxious Presence

By: Mark Sayers

How a changing and complex world will create a remnant of renewed Christian leaders. In the midst of the chaos of a crisis comes opportunity. The history of the church tells us that chaos always produces renewal. This book shows how individual and corporate renewal happens after crisis, and how the posture of the church and its leaders can bring about a culture changed by Christ.

book cover of a non-anxious presence by mark sayers.

Strange New World

By: Carl Trueman

Examines the historical, philosophical and technicological factors driving identity politics today. Offers an accessible analysis of influences including technology and pornography, as well as cultural ideologies from the Romantics to the New Left. Offering a much-needed biblical perspective of personhood, Trueman confronts the current era of “expressive individualism,” shoing readers how to engage in a culture that’s often hostile to Christian beliefs.

book cover of strange new world by carl trueman.

Mark: A 12-Week Study

By: Dane Ortland

This guide is filled with wise reflections on the biblical text and helps us understand what vibrant faith and authentic discipleship look like as we follow a rejected king.

image of book cover: mark a 12-week study by dane ortland

Jesus the King

By: Timothy Keller

Understanding the life and death of the Son of God. Keller unlocks new insights into the life of Jesus Christ as he explores how Jesus came as a king, but a king who had to bear the greatest burden anyone ever has.

cover of the book jesus the king by timothy keller.

Live No Lies

By: John Mark Comer

Learn how to recognize and resist the three enemies that sabotage your peace. We are at war; not with a government or domestic terrorists or artificial intelligence. No, it’s a war we feel deep inside our own chests: we are at war with lies.