September-October 2023 Recommendations

Discipling: How to Help Others Follow Jesus

By: Mark Dever​

What does it look like to help others become more like Christ? This concise guide outlines the who, what, where, when, why, and how of discipling―helping others follow Jesus.

Image of the cover of the book Discipling - How to Help Others Follow Jesus by Mark Dever.

James for You

By: Sam Allberry​

Expository Bible-study guide to James, showing how real faith looks in real life. James is a book full of practical, life-changing help for real life. James For You makes clear its teaching and applies its challenges to the experiences of everyday Christians as Sam Allberry brings his clarity, wisdom and humor to every page.

Image of the cover of the book James for You by Sam Allberry.

James: A 12-Week Study​

By: Greg Gilbert

This 12-week study leads participants through the book of James using four basic components: reflection questions help readers engage the text at a deeper level; “Gospel Glimpses” highlight the gospel of grace throughout the book; “Whole-Bible Connections” show how any given passage connects to the Bible’s overarching story of redemption, culminating in Christ; “Theological Soundings” identify how historic orthodox doctrines are taught or reinforced throughout Scripture.

Image of the cover of the book James- A 12-Week Study by Greg Gilbert.

The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place

By: Andy Crouch

Making conscientious choices about technology in our families is more than just using internet filters and determining screen time limits for our children. It’s about developing wisdom, character, and courage in the way we use digital media rather than accepting technology’s promises of ease, instant gratification, and the world’s knowledge at our fingertips. And it’s definitely not just about the kids.

image of the cover of the book The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch.

Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies

By: Hillary Morgan Ferrer

This mom-to-mom guide will equip you to teach your kids how to form their own biblical beliefs about what is true and what is false. Through transparent life stories and clear, practical applications—including prayer strategies—this band of Mama Bears offers tools to train yourself, so you can turn around and train your kids. Join the Mama Bears and raise your voice to protect your kids—by teaching them how to think through and address the issues head-on, yet with gentleness and respect.

Image of the cover of the book Mama Bear Apologetics by Hillary Morgan Ferrer.

Strong and Weak: Embracing a Life of Love, Risk and True Flourishing​

By: Andy Crouch

Flourishing people are strong and weak. True flourishing travels down an unexpected path―being both strong and weak. Only when they come together do we find the flourishing for which we were made. With insights, memorable stories and hopeful realism, Andy Crouch shows us how to walk this path so that the image of God can shine through us.

Image of the cover of the book Strong and Weak by Andy Crouch.