Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin is celebrated around the world for both his sacred and secular music, which includes over 2,000 compositions. The way he brings humor into his performances is only matched by his phenomenal solo work on the piano. Come and enjoy both sides of this dynamic artist.

Photo of joseph martin conducting a choir.

Heather Sorenson

Heather Sorenson’s diversity is the characteristic that makes her somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry. Her music easily maneuvers both the traditional and contemporary genres of Christian music, often combining the two for a unique blend that has become her artistic fingerprint.

photo of heather sorenson.

Joel Raney

Joel Raney’s life as a working composer and musician has been shaped by many influences. Growing up in a rural Baptist church in Alabama fostered his love for the old hymns and the gospel style. As a performer and music director for theater productions, he gained insight into Broadway, popular and jazz music. His style has brought life and joy to church music.

Photo of joel raney.

Workshop 88

Church pianists are invited to Workshop 88 with Joseph Martin, Joel Raney and Heather Sorenson. Thursday, June 8, 8:30am – 4:00pm. Advanced registration is required. The Workshop fee is $100.  Go to Martin Creative Services website to register.

Join the Festival of Hymns Choir

You are invited to join the choir! Advanced registration is required and there is a $25 participation fee which includes the concert music. Go to Martin Creative Services website to register. There will be a choir practice at 5:00pm on Friday, June 9 prior to the concert. Registration deadline is Monday, May 8.

Singposium Reading Session

Join us for the Singposium Reading Session on Saturday, June 10, 9:00am – 4:00 pm. Be one of the first to hear the newest choral music for the fall and Christmas seasons from Joseph Martin, Heather Sorenson and Joel Raney. Multiple publishers, special discounts and resources will be available at this event.

Music director’s and those who love to sight read music are invited to register to attend. The cost to attend the Reading Session is $85 (includes lunch). The Reading Session will be at Brandywine Valley Church. Register for the Reading Session via Martin Creative Services.