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Nate Keeler - September 20, 2015

Abundance in Jesus

From Series: "Vibrant Life"

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Followers of Christ seek to KNOW Him, GROW in Him, and GO into the world with Him.

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Nate Keeler - July 7, 2024


How can God be one and yet three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit? We will unpack the challenging doctrine of the Trinity and discover why it matters for our relationship with God and each other. Pastor Nate Keeler shares "Three-in-One" from 1 Peter 1.

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From Series: "Life in the Spirit"

Although the Holy Spirit is sometimes the forgotten Person of the Trinity, His presence and work is found throughout redemptive history, in the life of Jesus and in the life of God's people. In this series, we will get to know the Holy Spirit and His vital role from creation to the work of Christ to His empowerment in our lives today.

Three-in-One sermon notes

More Messages from Nate Keeler...

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