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Todd Johnson - August 13, 2017

Good Things Little Packages - Ruth

The Old Testament book of Ruth is a story of friendship, love, loyalty and redemption. Ruth experienced the gift of redemption from her mother-in-law Naomi, her kinsman Boaz and God. We too receive redemption by God through Christ when we understand (1) our need; (2) our inability to redeem ourselves; and (3) that our redemption must come from outside of ourselves.

From Series: "Good Things Little Packages"

We have a saying "Good things come in little packages." This is certainly true when it comes to the Bible. There are short books of the Bible that we may never heard preached, know very little about and think they are insignificant. But they pack a powerful message for us in a little package.

Sermon slides and notes Good Things Little Packages - Ruth

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Todd Johnson - March 19, 2023

The Arrest

Pastor Todd Johnson will share "The Arrest" from Mark 14:43-52. In the midst of the chaos and injustice of His arrest, we see that Jesus is still in complete control and God's will is being accomplished for our good. Because He is in complete control, we can trust him in the chaos and injustice of our lives.

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From Series: "Lent: 40 Days of Prayer"

What does it take to save humanity from their sin? Only the death of the God-Man himself. Experience the Passion of Christ like never before as we study the last three chapters of Mark on his way to the cross.

The Arrest sermon notes

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