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Nate Keeler - December 3, 2017

Encountering Jesus: The Shepherds

In Luke 2:8-20 we read that God chose to herald the news of the Messiah's birth to shepherds - to people who were marginalized, considered outcasts and were discriminated against. We learn that people look at status but God looks into souls.

From Series: "Encountering Jesus"

This sermon series will focus on selected individuals and their encounters with Jesus as written in the Gospel of John. These individuals are just like us. When we insert ourselves into these stories, we too will be changed by encountering Jesus.

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Followers of Christ seek to KNOW Him, GROW in Him, and GO into the world with Him.

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Nate Keeler - January 8, 2023

Time to be Calm

Pastor Nate Keeler begins the Sign of the Times series with "Time to be Calm" from Mark 13:1-8. In this first message, Jesus teaches us to stay calm and not get deceived by false signs of the end.

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From Series: "Sign of the Times"

When it comes to end times, theories abound. In the midst of the confusion, Jesus provides clarity on what matters, what to look for and how to be ready for the beginning of the end of the age.

Time to be Calm sermon notes

More Messages Associated With "Humility"...

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