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Nate Keeler - October 13, 2019

Romans: Gospel Greetings

The Apostle Paul headlines his letter to the Romans with its theme of good news; this is the meaning of the word "gospel." In Romans 1:1-17 Paul introduces himself to his readers and his message. We learn that Paul is proclaiming "good news" about: a promised savior; the God-man, Jesus; grace; a message for all people; and about a saving power. This sermon challenges us to ask ourselves if the gospel has become real to us personally.

From Series: "Romans Part 1: The Problem"

In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul pulls together the entire narrative of Scripture and human history to show God's plan for salvation through Jesus. Over the next year we are going to study this letter to the Romans in five parts: Our Problem, God's Provision, Our Power, Our Predicament and Our Practice. In Part 1, we will discover that all of humanity stands guilty before a holy God, and that no amount of work can earn God's righteousness. However, there is good news in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Nate Keeler - January 22, 2023

Time to be Prepared

Pastor Nate Keeler shares "Time to be Prepared" from Mark 13:14-23. What should we be looking for to mark the end times? Jesus gives us signs of the end and how to be prepared.

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From Series: "Sign of the Times"

When it comes to end times, theories abound. In the midst of the confusion, Jesus provides clarity on what matters, what to look for and how to be ready for the beginning of the end of the age.

Time to be Prepared sermon notes

More Messages Associated With "Romans"...

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