Nate Keeler - April 22, 2018

H.A.B.I.T.S.: Bible - How to Study It?

God's Word is meant to be slowly studied and pondered. Inductive Bible Study is an effective, time-tested method of reading scripture so that it comes alive to transform our lives from the inside out. The method is based on three questions. 1. What do I see? (observation). 2. What does it mean? (interpretation). 3. What should I do? (application). Believers are encouraged to make time to seek God, creating a habit that will bring delight in the Word written for us.

From Series: "H.A.B.I.T.S.: Bible"

This three-week sermon series is about the spiritual HABIT of Bible Study. Topics include: the reliability of scripture; why we study the Bible; how we study the Bible; and, the role of the Holy Spirit in Bible study.

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