Nate Keeler - August 12, 2018

Proverbs- Friendship Part 2

In part two of Proverbs – Friendship, we learn about the final two attributes of friendship: candor and counsel. 1. Candor is truth telling. Are you willing to speak truth in love to a friend especially when it is hard? Are you open to receiving truth in love? 2. Counsel is described in Proverbs 27:9 as perfume and incense... sweet and pleasant. Words, true and meaningful words that convince you that are known and loved. Do you have friends that make you better at what matters most?

From Series: "Proverbs: How Not to Ruin Your Life"

The Book of Proverbs provides simplicity in the complexities of life. Through a series of short sayings, King Solomon applies biblical wisdom to the varied themes of everyday life and decisions. This series will help us see that the "Good Life" is achieved when we live in harmony with God's wisdom.

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