Todd Johnson - July 9, 2023

Solomon: The Unfaithful King

Pastor Todd Johnson shares "Solomon: The Unfaithful King" from 1 Kings 11. Solomon had a fatal flaw, he did not guard his heart. Solomon's downfall was rooted in his quest for pleasure and power. We'll explore...

-The duality of Solomon's character and how the once faithful king turned unfaithful.

-How this duality creeps up in our own lives.

We need to be on guard so when we are confronted by the enemy we can see clearly and choose wisely.

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From Series: "Choose Wisely"

We all make choices that not only affect us, but ripple into the lives for all those we influence. We will be examining the Kings of Israel and Judah to learn from their choices, both wise and foolish. This summer we'll learn about the history of God's people and level up your wisdom from God's Word.

Solomon The Unfaithful King sermon notes

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