Nate Keeler - April 30, 2023

The Antidote to Hopelessness

Pastor Nate Keeler shares "The Antidote To Hopelessness" from Psalm 126. Behind the many life numbing and destroying tendencies, such as addiction and self-harm, is a deep sense of hopelessness. But God wants to offer you light in the midst of the darkness. Come learn the life-preserving antidote to hopelessness.

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From Series: "The Antidote"

We live in a time and place in history that has never been more secure, comfortable and advanced. A time when information has never been more accessible. But despite all of these blessings, it seems that we are experiencing more fear, worry, negativity and inadequacy than ever before. What if the antidote to the "age of anxiety" comes from revisiting ancient, tried and true solutions from God's Word? Join us as we learn how to emotionally thrive even in distress by rediscovering the power of the Psalms.

The Antidote to Hopelessness sermon notes

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