boy eatingSnacks.  Nutritious snacks are provided daily for all children.  We provide 100% juice, milk and water, with fruits and vegetables offered once or twice per week.  We also offer taste tests throughout the year to promote healthy eating.  For example, the children may try several different varieties of apples and then vote on the ones they liked best.  All of our snacks are peanut/tree-nut free and we are sensitive to allergies.

Children sit together, say a prayer, and practice using manners during snack time.  Snack time also gives them a chance to talk with their peers.

Lunch Bunch/Stay-and-Play.  Our Lunch Bunch/Stay-and-Play Program is offered from the time school ends to 1:30 pm.  Parents who take advantage of our Lunch Bunch program are encouraged to pack healthy lunches for their children.  We do NOT allow peanut butter and nuts at this time.  During this time, a variety of extra-curricular activities may be offered, such as Soccer Shots, Gymnastics or music.  Each activity requires a separate permission slip and may have additional fees.

Diapering.  For our two-year-olds, our teachers treat the children with respect and gentleness during diaper changes.  They use this time to bond as they interact with your child to encourage a loving and trusting environment. Potty Training – In our two’s room, children are not required to be potty trained.  Each child will spend time sitting on the toilet daily to get used to it.  When a child wears underwear, we ask that parents let us know so that we can help encourage them and progress through the morning without any accidents.

Bathroom Policy.  We require children ages 3 and up to be potty trained and we expect them to be able to wipe themselves.  Our staff will assist in a bathroom stall if needed.  If you or your child have a concern with the bathroom, please let us know so that we may attend to your child’s needs in the best way possible.