Nate Keeler - March 1, 2020

Romans Part 2: Righteousness Revealed

In Part 2 of Romans, the apostle Paul begins to transition from his argument that no one is righteous before a holy God to how we become righteous before God. Becoming righteous is not something we DO, but it is something we RECEIVE from God by faith in the only righteous one, Jesus Christ. This sermon explores the massive significance of righteousness and provides an understanding of three big, theological terms: justification, redemption and propitiation.

From Series: "Romans Part 2: God's Provision"

In Part 1 of the book of Romans, Paul lays out his thesis that all people are separated from God and in need of His righteousness. In Part 2, Paul turns his attention to God's provision; that is, justification through Christ for those who live by faith. This series explores the theological word "justification:" what it is, when it begins, how to get it, and what it brings.

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