Matthew McNutt - August 9, 2020

Romans Part 2: The Faith of Abraham, Part 2

Pastor Matthew McNutt continues our sermon series Romans Part 2: God's Provision. Pastor Matthew speaks about "The Faith of Abraham Part 2." In Romans 4:13-25, the Apostle Paul continues examining the faith of Abraham as an example of what it means to be credited righteousness as well as the relationship between faith and works. Was the object of Abraham’s faith different than our faith as Christians? How were Old Testament believers saved without knowing Jesus Christ? The answers lie in trusting the promise and character of God.

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From Series: "Romans Part 2: God's Provision"

In Part 1 of the book of Romans, Paul lays out his thesis that all people are separated from God and in need of His righteousness. In Part 2, Paul turns his attention to God's provision; that is, justification through Christ for those who live by faith. This series explores the theological word "justification:" what it is, when it begins, how to get it, and what it brings.

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