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Group Day Time Ages Locations Location Topic Childcare? Status
Thur PM Wife's Heart Thursday 7:00-9:00pm 21+ BVBC BVBC - BVBC Room 5C next to Big 3 No Open
Fri AM Cura in-person Friday 9:30-11:00am 18+ BVBC BVBC - Fellowship Hall 33F & 33K Yes Open
Fri PM Arthur - online Friday 6:30-8:30pm 21-65 19803 19803 - Online Book of the Bible Yes Open
Fri PM Broken Beginnings in-person Friday 6:30-8:30pm 21+ BVBC 19803 - Connection Cafe No Open
Fri PM Family Hinmon Friday 6:30-8:00pm 21+ 19810 19810 - Hinmon home Yes Open
Fri PM Cannon Friday 7:00-9:00pm 21+ BVBC BVBC - BVBC Room 33F Book of the Bible No Open
Fri PM Cpls Holly Friday 7:00-9:00pm 21+ 19807, Rotating Homes 19807 - Online & rotating homes No Open
Fri PM Family Life Kugelberg - In-person Friday 7:00-9:00pm 28-45 BVBC BVBC - Fellowship Hall 33C Yes Open
Fri PM Straley in-person Friday 7:00-9:00pm 21+ Rotating Homes Rotating Homes - Book of the Bible No Full
Fri PM Young Adults Friday 7:00-9:00pm 18-30 BVBC BVBC - BVBC Fellowship Hall No Open
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